Comfort Angelz Walthamstow

  • Here at Comfort Angelz Daycare Walthamstow we are dedicated to safeguarding our children and child development. All our staff go through a robust recruitment process to ensure we have the best and qualified staff caring and teaching your little angels.

    We want all children to feel safe and enjoy their start to the big wide world with us.

    Promoting their welfare and protecting them from harm is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone who comes into contact with children and families has a role to play. Childrens act April 2018


    All our rooms are fresh and new.  When the time comes for your little Angel to move from one room to another, we will arrange settling-in sessions for each child and will allow you to visit their new rooms before they move over.

    All our rooms have allocated session times for outdoor activities for the children.

  • Buttercups 0 - 24 months

    Our baby room reflects the radiant glow of a naturally blossomed Buttercup (hence the name).

    Buttercups room is filled with an array of carefully selected resources to enlighten your child’s curiosity.

    Our daily planning is overflowing with exciting activities that are prepared specifically to cater to each individual child’s needs.

    We follow the EYFS guidelines and use the 3 prime areas which are personal social and emotional, physical and communication and language, to ensure your child is getting the best start on their learning journey.

     Our outdoor area will also play a big role in your child’s learning as we believe that there is as much to learn outdoors as there is indoors. Our garden is set up to effectively be a mirror image of stimulating activities such as climbing, cooking in our home made mud kitchen or learning to balance on bikes and beams or  our reading in our shaded book corner.

    In our buttercups room you will find the children singing, dancing, and following stories to teach them all the life lessons they will use along the way.

    Our buttercups staff are highly experienced, enthusiastic and focused on ensuring you child settles well, learns well and has many valuable experiences and moves forward with a great appetite for learning, exploring and preparing them for the next step.

    Buttercups room is the best way to start your little angel on a phenomenal journey through Comfort Angelz Daycare.

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  • Poppies 2 - 3 years

    Once your little angel turns 2 years old they will be joining our Poppies room.

    Our Poppies room is designed to encourage the toddlers to move around freely and to promote their independence skills with a wide range of purpose placed activities. The activities set out for the children will always cover the 7 areas of learning and promote the Characteristics of effective learning. The staff do weekly planning to ensure each activity is specially aimed towards the individual child’s development needs.

    At this stage some of the Poppies are ready to embark on the potty training journey. The staff will work alongside parents to make this stage as smooth as possible, its not always an easy ride but they get there in the end with a little encouragement and perseverance (and a sticker, stamp or certificate helps at times to.)

    Our Poppies will have many stimulating outdoor experiences. We have a designated outdoor area which is situated within the flats development a short walk away from our nursery which is secured and our staff clean and set it up every morning to also reflect the seven areas of learning on a larger more physical scale. The poppies will also go on learning walks, visit the local shops and go on planned outing based on what they are learning that term. All outing the children go on are all risked assessed first by a senior member of staff to ensure the route is safe a clear of obstruction.

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  • Daffodils 3 - 5 years

    At 3 years old your children will progress to our Daffodils room.

    In our Daffodils room our staff will be preparing the children for school. We aim for all our Daffodils to leave us with confidence, a strong sense of independence, a voice and the appetite for learning. The staff will prepare them for this by encouraging freedom of choice, listening skills and various activities to spark their thirst for knowledge. Our Daffodils room is separated into different learning areas to support and encourage each child’s development. We have a quiet reading corner, a computer corner, a home corner, a constuction area, a sensory/exploratory area a mark making area as well as a messy area all easily accessible for children to explore independently throughout the day.

    All children will learn through play, developing skills and positive attitudes towards their learning and the understanding of rules and boundaries. In or Daffodils room we do not force any of the children to do anything they do not want to or are not ready for we pin point their development stage and plan for the next stage, if the child takes a particular interest in certain areas we will nurture that interest and have them ready for reception. The staff will be introducing, Simple math, literacy and letter forming., shape forming and encouraging the children to read and write their own name.

    The Daffodils will also use our designated outdoor area for their physical play and gross motor skills activities.