Comfort Foundation UK

  • How Did We Begin?

    In 2014, Beverley with the help of donations from families attending Comfort Angelz Daycare Nurseries family, friends and staff decided to pay for shipments to be sent to orphanages in Ghana,

    The intention was for Orphans in Ghana to be able to have things to have to open for christmas.

    Following on from that in 2018, Beverley chose to deliver the donations personally as well as provide a buffet experience for each home visited and this is where the mission of Comfort Foundation UK started. This will be done yearly…

    Who We Are?

    Comfort Foundation UK was Founded by our Director Beverley Annan-Forson.

    Comfort Foundations intention is to regularly support orphanages, widows and their families around the world in countries where they are trapped by poverty by providing them with monetary offerings, clothes, books and provisions such as toiletries and water.

    Comfort Foundation is based on Beverley’s passion to support those who are unable to help themselves through no fault of their own but at the fault of poverty and abandonment. Our approach to find charities with similar values and help support them fight poverty through fundraising, donating and promoting to fight the causes of Poverty as well as the Annual Mission to Ghana.


    Each year Beverley travels to Ghana to present all donations such as unwanted or new clothes, shoes, books, toys, stationary, school supplies, nappies, wipes, tinned foods, bar soaps etc…

    If you wish to donate, please leave any items with staff… Thank you for supporting Comfort Foundation to make a difference in children’s lives.


    COMFORT FOUNDATION UK – Together we can make a difference one child at a time.