Comfort Angelz Enfield

  • All our rooms are newly designed and refurnished. When the time comes for your little Angel to move from one room to another, we will set up settling-in sessions for each child and will allow you to visit their new rooms before they move over.

    Comfort Angelz Daycare Enfield has a spacious outdoor play area and a covered outdoor play area for our children to access during the day. 

    All rooms have allocated timed sessions for outdoor activities for the children.

  • Buttercups0 - 24 Months

    Our Buttercups room is an open plan room. We have provide a cosy stimulated area for our under 1’s with a gate separating the room into two sections.

    All our Buttercups are able to eat, play and have activity time without the disruption. This room also offers a separate sleeping room with individual cots for all babies.

    All routines are shown on the notice board in the room with every child’s picture. This enables all members of staff to view and react to any nutrition or medical requirements your child may have.

    This room offers a huge range of toys and activities which are planned daily referring to their developmental milestones set by EYFS guidelines to ensure all children are being stimulated at all times.

    Within the Buttercup room, we encourage lots of creative play, arts and crafts activities and loads of fun singing and dancing activities.

    Our Buttercups also have their own secure outdoor play area away from the older children in the nursery, supporting their physical development.

  • Poppies2 - 3 Years

    The term after your child turns 2 years old, they will move into our Poppies room. This spacious room offers many activities including a quiet corner, sensory equipment and a soft play area that will keep the children happy and stimulated throughout the day.

    Our staff will assist in activities such as painting, arts and crafts, role-play and dress up activities.

    All activities are constantly being tailored to each child’s development.

    This room will encourage your child’s development, which will be monitored and reported back to you daily, using EYFS pathway profile, and a copy of this will be transferred from room to room.

  • Daffodils3 - 5 Years

    (NEG will be automatically applied to fees the term after your child’s 3rd birthday)

    In our Daffodils room, your child will move upstairs and will have access to the entire floor consisting of toilets and a large, open plan room which is easily accessible filled with different activities.

    This room will be educational-based, preparing all children for primary school. They will learn through play, developing skills and positive attitudes towards learning.

    We will introduce them to:

     •  Sounds and letters, including the introduction of ‘Jolly Phonics’ for those who are ready

     •  Maths, shapes and problem solving

     •  The ability to grow plants in the outside garden

    In our Daffodils room we also provide weekly Spanish lessons to encourage their development through language and understanding the world. We also provide computer lessons to our Daffodils in our separate computer/quiet room.