Family Support Service

  • What makes Comfort Angelz Daycare so different?

    We provide a Family Support Service in-house, which will support parents by signposting them to relevant services, support with parenting and child development milestones.

    Our family support worker will be based at the Comfort Angelz Daycare Nursery in Enfield and will be able to book sessions with parents to provide them with emotional and practical support. Our Family Support Service will also offer a range of support methods such as parenting classes and helping parents access services in Enfield.

    Experienced family support worker

    Our family support worker has experience working within children centres in the London Boroughs of Camden, Islington and Haringey.

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  • Parenting courses at Comfort Angelz Daycare

    ‘Being a parent’ by Empowering Families, Empowering Communities.

    The ‘Being a Parent’ parenting course is for those who want to understand and build relationships that are more positive with the children in their lives.

    We are happy to announce that we will we be running the accredited ‘Being a Parent’ parenting course in house run by our family support worker.

    Why not come along to our parenting course to exchange ideas and tips that help parenting for you? Let’s celebrate the successes of parenting as well as learning helpful strategies to get you through the more challenging times of parenthood. 

    This course aims to help parents learn practical communication skills for everyday life and aims to help parents to bring up confident, happy and co-operative children.

    Key topics covered on the course:

     • Practical communication skills for everyday life

     • How to bring up confident, happy and cooperative children

     • Self-esteem, dealing with feelings, understanding behaviour, listening skills

     • Setting limits

    Length of the parenting programme

    The programme has eight sessions, which are two hours long and has two criteria for you to be eligible. 

     •  The programme will be free to the parents/carers of the children attending Comfort Angelz Daycare for more than 3 sessions a week.

     •  This course will be available to other parents and professionals at a fee

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