Forest school training day August 2018

August 13, 2018

All Staff attended a Forest school training day held at Cedars Park to learn new skills with outdoors.

Staff were using natural resources from outdoors to create pictures of their favourite things they used to do when they were younger – a memory from a family day out. They used sticks, leaves and other outdoor items.

We created leaf printing using – staff had to have a piece of cloth, hammer and a board. They then had to pick some flowers and leaves from the outdoors and print the flowers creating different patterns.

Staff were then taught how to make a pen with a stick, they had to create a hole through the middle, shave the edges and place a biro through the middle.

Key rings were created by cutting the stick in half down the middle, shaving the edges and then writing a name or picture and inserting a ring and screw at the top.

Finally they had to work together in groups to create dens for soft toys, to protect them if it was raining, they had to put their trust into each other and wear a blindfold and follow a rope with the guidance of their partner.

These activities taught the staff different techniques in how to work with children with outdoor materials and encourage team work.

The weather held off and they all had a great day.